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  • We produce fully fashioned materials on flat bed knitting machines with the machine gauge ranging from 3gg to 12gg and 21gg.
  • We cooperate with best material suppliers from all over the world, thanks to which we are able to import any kind of yarn.
  • We can sew and knit lamb’s wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, angora wool, merino wool and all fancy yarns.
  • We belong to only few companies who are able to produce washed-out fabric, stone-washed fabric, re-dyed fabric, chemically or laser faded and made look old.
  • We have our own professionally educated programmers, thanks to which we may reproduce any pattern you present us with.
  • We can work on any knitted material – our sewing room is equipped with all kinds of machines, including several types of linking machines.
  • We produce satin and nylon care labels, as well as self-adhesive tags.
  • 9
    open shoulder sweater/kimono
  • 10
    tunic, V-necked in front and back, knitted from cotton, gauge 7gg; the „ladder“ effec
  • 11
    men’s mock turtleneck sweater buttoned on the shoulde
  • 12
    men’s V-necked sweater
  • 13
    shawl made of merino wool
  • 14
    fancy cape/loose coat made of wool, 3 gauge knit
  • 15
    knitted bag with plaited pattern, made of lamb’s wool
  • 16
    men’s turtleneck, zip hidden in the raglan sleev
  • 17
    cardigan/men’s coat, double breasted, decorative buttons
  • 18
    men’s cardigan with a collar, buttoned
  • 19
    men’s V-necked sweate
  • 20
    men’s troyer – zipped and buttoned
  • 21
    men’s mock turtleneck knitted in jacquard technique
  • 22
    dress made of elastic yarn (combination of viscose and polyester)
  • 25
    women’s short polo-neck sweater
  • 26
    women’s light turtleneck, striped, with a shawl-collar
  • 27
    women’s sports troyer, half-zipped
  • 28
    long polo-type tunic, buttoned
  • 28
    high collar tunic
  • 28
    dress made of mohair wool, 3 gauge knit
  • 28
    women’s openwork sweater
  • 28
    women’s mock turtleneck made of cotton in the “links“ stitch technique
  • 28
    women’s long-sleeved cardigan, zipped
  • 28
    women’s jacquard buttoned cardigan
  • 28
    women’s buttoned jacket
  • 28
    men’s zipped troyer
  • 28
    women’s turtleneck sweater with plaits
  • 28
    women’s snood-type scarf
  • 28
    women’s overcoat/mantle with a very large shawl collar